Great Heli Skiing in Alaska – Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Great Heli Skiing in Alaska – Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

This is the place you’ve seen in your dreams. The great American northlands – untamed, untouched, unspoiled. A kingdom of white volcanoes, jagged sky-scraping peaks, and endless virgin powder as far as the eye can see. Some call it paradise, others call it Alaska, but you can call it home if you’re ready to take the trip of a lifetime to Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, the Valhalla of heli-ski lodges north of the wall.

Sitting like twin jewels in the heart of a crown of snow-white diamond peaks overlooking the majestic Alaska Range, and azure blue Lake Judd, the majestic Tordrillo Mountain Lodges – yes there are two gorgeous log buildings – offer visitors a 10,000 foot melange of rustic luxury and alpine chic. After pampering yourself on the 1.2 million acres of prime Alaskan heli-ski terrain blessed with 600 inches of fluffy white gold each season, you can pamper yourself with a professional massage or spend some time relaxing in TML’s wood-fired lakeside hot tubs or sauna.

If world-class dining and fine wine are the way you want to cap off a day of exhilarating chopper rides on a Eurocopter AS 350-B3 (better known as the A-Star) and 4000 foot powder runs in the shadow of North America’s highest peak, Denali (20,320 ft.) – then this is the place for you.

Born out of a love for adventure on snow, and crafted for almost 20 years by close friends Olympic gold medalist and guide Tommy Moe, and Alaska Heli-Ski pioneer Mike Overcast – Tordrillo Mountain Lodge has built a reputation as Alaska’s premier pioneer in new heli terrain.

“It’s a project that we don’t think we’ll ever finish. It’ll go on to another generation of heli pioneers because the area is so vast. We don’t do it alone, when we’re scouting new lines, very often our guests are with us, and it can be a very moving experience,” says Overcast.

Terrain is both plentiful and varied at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, with temperatures that usually vary between 15-25 degrees. Whether you are an extreme skiing or boarding rock star, or an intermediate level powder hound, TML’s highly qualified staff of heli-ski guides will assess your ability level after a few runs, and then, when you are ready, point you in the right direction and guide you down runs you’ll never forget.

“Our goal is to present our guests with challenging heli-ski terrain that increasingly presents them with bigger and better thrills, but we balance this by making sure they are


always comfortable with the pace. Our mission is to make sure they are never under-challenged or overwhelmed. Intermediate skiers will be challenged enough to keep them interested, but not so challenged that they’ll be intimidated,” adds Overcast.

“Conversely, advanced and expert skiers and boarders will be taken on some of the most thrilling and breathtaking lines on the planet, but always under the watchful eye of our heli guides who are constantly evaluating route selections and methods for skiing in steeper terrain.”

What do you need to bring with you to Tordrillo Mountain Lodge other than a passion to explore, and a high tolerance for action and adventure on snow?



You can bring your favorite pair of powder skis or snowboard if you want to – or leave them home if you’d rather travel light. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge has all the latest safety gear and heli board and heli-ski equipment you’ll need – all at your disposal during your stay.

Will getting to Tordrillo Mountain Lodge mean you’ll have to join the Night’s Watch, go over the wall at Castle Black and battle Wildlings and White Walkers (that’s a Game of Thrones reference in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years) to rip the pristine lines of Alaska’s Tordrillo Range?


No. Getting to Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is easy.

You fly into Anchorage International Airport, spend the night at the Captain Cook Hotel (accommodation provided by TML), and then hop on a 45-minute ski plane flight (also provided by TML) that drops you off at the place you’ll continue dreaming about the rest of your life.

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