2016 Best Ski Wear: Rebellious Basics

A Rebel with Style and Class

Dress to kill when you select these stylish pieces to add to your ski wear collection. Nontraditional fitted designs from Arpin, Lacroix, SOS, and Uvex are waiting to delight your devious side.

2016 Best Ski Wear
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SOS Doll Jacket

SOS garments are made of the worlds finest fabrics. Designed with the highest level of creativity, our garments demand and use the best technology available to protect the skier from all types of weather.


2016 Best Ski Wear, Leather
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Lacroix Distinction Ski Pants

These pants revisit ASPEN figure for a result even more elegant and more efficient in terms of insulation and comfort. A faithful line with the characteristics of the brand.


2016 Best Ski Wear
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Arpin Fur Lined Vest

The walk is an art. This fleece jacket sleeveless accompanied walks in the city and in the mountains. Arpin carried on a sweater, it will guarantee a contemporary style and warm comfort. Its elegant hood protects from the elements.


2016 Best Ski Wear Fashion
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Arpin Wool Flocon Sweater

Arpin snowflake sweater red mottled, warm and cozy with its sporty-chic cut is the essential garment of adventure range. Also available in clear ash.


2016 Best Ski Wear gear, goggles
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Uvex Skyper LTM

The lush over-sized uvex skyper LTM goggles just looks fantastic. In powder it scores points with its frameless construction.



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