best skis 2016

Wagner Ski’s 10th Mountain – Best Skis 2016

Wagner 10th mountain skis

Wagner Ski’s 10th Mountain – Best Skis 2016

Custom Coolness. We really like the new Wagner skis 10th Mountain top design. Nice “Van Gogh-ish”oil paint look with fiery colors. Sure to create some cool snow-glow from tip to tail!-

Wagner Custom is a small US ski factory that helps people find their mountain mastery through its unbelievably sweet custom-fit, tailor-made skis

Wagner Custom was founded in 2006 in Telluride, Colorado, just downstream from the Telluride Ski Resort. Each month we build just a few of the world’s best skis and snowboards, each unique and designed for a specific rider. We use only the world’s finest raw materials, shaping and assembling the parts with 21st Century equipment in the world’s greenest ski factory, running 100% on wind and solar energy.