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Iceland’s Troll Peninsula: Heli-Ski, Sheep Farms, and Hot Springs

Andrew Findlay takes in the view of Eyjafjörður from the summit of Kaldbacher. Soaring near the mountain tops of Iceland’s Troll Peninsula I ponder what I have seen already after only a few short days on this remote North Atlantic island perched in contented limbo between Europe and North America. Barren valleys dotted with remote sheep farms, herds of shaggy Icelandic horses grazing near a hot spring that bubbles next to the sea, and dormant volcanoes that betray the geological violence that has shaped this land, and in turn its proud and spirited people. If a pair of trolls suddenly appeared at my ... Read more

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – Ski Pioneer

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – Ski Pioneer How Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s decision to kill Sherlock Holmes led to the birth of Switzerland’s ski tourism. In the summer of 1893 a group of English clergymen and a Scottish doctor were contemplating the meaning of life, existence, and divinity during a holiday in the Swiss Alps, when suddenly the discussion switched to murder. This sinister shift was no random debate about the concept of taking a life. This was a cold-blooded, premeditated, homicidal strategy session with a very specific target. “I have made up my mind to kill Sherlock Holmes,” the doctor confessed. “He is becoming such a burden to me that it makes my life unbearable.” ... Read more

Andy Warhol Loved Aspen

Story by SHINAN GOVANI  For Andy Warhol, a man for whom the Who’s Who was just an extension of business hours, it would only make sense that some social climbing took place, inevitably, at high altitudes. “Andy loved Aspen,” a trophy wife circa the first moon landing was saying recently as she leaned back on her leather chair inside the exalted lounge of The Little Nell hotel. She knew him then. In remembering Andy Warhol — one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, and certainly America’s most famous celebrity in that realm — the tableau usually shifts to New York City: Andy with Bianca and ... Read more


Is it possible? Is it still possible to find a place where you can ski on trails set out by the pioneers of the sport, buy custom-made ski boots, skate in the moonlight at the center of town on the public rink the parks department floods at night, and pop into the gas station and buy maybe the very best donuts in the United States?


Bode Miller is still pushing limits after a lifetime of ski racing. Last fall while high in the Chilean Andes, a trio of women in skintight cat suits wanted Bode Miller. They skied after him fast and with focus, having popped out from behind a rocky bluff a few hundred vertical feet above where he’d paused briefly to take in the view. A ski chase worthy of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service ensued — the women were fast but Miller was faster. America’s most decorated competitive skier arced long graceful turns through the thickening powder, tucked on the groomers, and homed in on a helicopter waiting to whisk him away. ... Read more

CMH Heli Skiing Galena Lodge – Julia Mancuso

Photo by Mike Arzt CMH Heli Skiing Galena Lodge – Julia Mancuso Every year CMH Heli Skiing Galena Lodge hosts an ambassador trip with Julia Mancuso, U.S. Ski Team Member and Olympic Gold Medalist. Galena Lodge is in British Columbia, Canada and accessed from the Kelowna Airport. Every year the lodge hosts a week in late March where guests can sign up to ski with the fabulous Julia Mancuso. Imagine yourself at Galena Lodge CMH heli skiing in Canada shredding with one of the best skiers on the planet, now imagine joining her in the jacuzzi, joining her for a ... Read more

Women’s Ski Fashion: Playful Patterns

Playful Patterns – Featuring Women’s 2016 Ski Fashion. Ski jackets and ski pants. Let your playful side show in these bright new collections. Be bold and trendy with any of these combinations. View Product Page Capranea – Gem Ski Jacket full-way stretch (shell, padding, lining); bonded down chambers; critical seams taped, stretch seam tapes; detachable hood, hood adjustment system; waterproof zippers; one inner pocket; two chest pockets; hand warmer pockets; sleeve ticket pocket; earphone cable guide; snow gaiter; waterproof tweed inserts; fur attachment system at hood View Product Page Colmar –  Signature Stretch Ski Pant Feminine and modern cut, the ski pants line Signature ... Read more

The Colorado Olympics that Weren’t

The Colorado Olympics that Weren’t How Colorado won, and lost, the 1976 winter Games — and why it matters today. By Cynthia Psarakis On Feb. 4 , 1976, an expectant crowd packed shoulder to shoulder into a chilly open-air stadium for the opening ceremony of the Xii Olympic Winter Games. Performers and dignitaries alike took the stage against a backdrop of majestic, snowy mountains, and runners clad in red and white sprinted up a long flight of stairs, touching torches to massive cauldrons and setting them ablaze with the Olympic flame. Country by country, athletes marched in the parade of ... Read more

The Best Skiing in Chile – Andean Dream

The Best Skiing in Chile – Andean Dream – Andean Dream As a ski destination Chili has it all, and now it’s getting more. By Michael Miracle “If I had to pick only one place in the world to ski, I would pick Chile.  I would give up skiing in North America for that.” These are not the words of a proud South American. The mouth hypothetically bidding adieu to an entire continent of skiing belongs to Greg Harms, an Oregon born professional ski instructor and guide who not only has sampled almost every A-list ski destination in Europe and the ... Read more

Italian Wine – Super Tuscans

Italian Wine – Super Tuscans Lange Boot Maker Turns To Italian Winemaking By Erica Duecy At first glance, making wine and crafting competition ski boots may not seem like related endeavors. But spend a few minutes with renowned Italian boot maker Roberto Cristoforetti, and the parallels quickly become clear. “Each requires the same degree of precision and attention to miniscule detail,” he says, plus a willingness to take chances and follow one’s instincts. For more than 30 years, Cristoforetti has traveled with the World Cup Ski Tour, calibrating custom boots for ski racers there and at the Winter Olympics. A remarkable 69 Olympic medals have been won in boots Cristoforetti has designed on behalf of Rossignol and ... Read more

The Art of Whistler: Part 1

Artist-Stewart Jacobs, Squamish The Art of Whistler THE ARTS SCENE IN BRITISH COLUMBIA’S MOST RENOWNED SKI TOWN By Jules Older Featured in: SNOW High Season Issue 2013 Whistler, the jewel in the crown of coastal British Columbia, is an easy place to love: Two marvelous ski mountains, miles of forested glens, an absolute gem of a pedestrian village, and beside the highway from Vancouver, the dark, aquatic beauty of Howe Sound. An added beauty is Whistler’s art. This renowned ski town of the Pacific Northwest is an art-lover’s delight, standing far above the madding crowd. With nearly a dozen galleries ... Read more

Designer Dialogues – Sonya Powell from Snow Sugar

SNOW sat down with designer Sonya Powell to get the inside scoop on her brand Snow Sugar. Sonya grew up just outside Seattle and currently  lives with her husband Jason and 2 young daughters in LA. Though living in Southern California, they are fully committed to the snow lifestyle and spend most every weekend in Big Bear skiing where their kids are on the race team. We started talking about what inspired her to start Snow Sugar. Sonya was driven to find fashionable, fun ski wear for the mountains. She wanted to create pieces that were unique and feminine and make something that would celebrate the ... Read more

The Grand Dame – Banff

Banff – Canada’s signature tourist destination and most distinguished resort icon-hasn’t gone anywhere.  Indeed, it’s grander than ever. A brief history of then Canadian Rockies: During an era of vigorous tectonic activity during the Cretaceous, 15,000 feet of limestone sediment buckles up in the continent’s interior like so much scrunched carpet. Repeatedly glaciated, it eventually yields a 1,500‑mile north‑south spine of postcard peaks skirted in forest, framed by ice, and constellated with azure lakes. For millennia, First Nations hunters are the sole human occupants. Then European settlers, spreading west across the continent, declare a country. A railroad is required to ... Read more

Maserati Ghibli – Test Drive

By Bradley Taylor The new four-door saloon Maserati Ghibli signifies a harmonization of modern technology and motoring heritage. The saloon bears the classic frame of the 1960s Ghibli models, yet for the first time in Maserati’s 100 year history, these new Ghibli models are available with a diesel engine and eight speed automatic transmission. The Maserati Ghibli is based on the all-new Maserati Quattroporte which was launched earlier this year. As a result, the Ghibli features an extensive variety of engine choices. You can choose from; a 3-litre V6 turbo diesel which is capable of producing 271bhp and 443lb ft ... Read more

Being Ty – Up Close with an Olympic Snowboarder

Photos Courtesy of Red Bull Fresh from the Games in Sochi, Olympic Snowboarder Ty Walker was already back in full training mode despite her recent injury during the Games. She came in off the hill to speak to SNOW. I asked her to give me 3 words to describe herself. The first word out of her mouth was “Focused”. At 16 years of age, she is one of the youngest athletes to compete in the Games and make her debut in the new event of Snowboard Slopestyle. She is also one of the younger Red Bull athletes. The next word ... Read more