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Utah’s Sweet Spot: Alta Lodge

What is it about Utah’s low-key Alta Lodge that hits skiers’ sweet spot? How does a small and unassuming hotel at the end of Utah State Route 210, better known as Little Cottonwood Canyon Road, attract the rich, the famous, and the interesting, year after year after decade? It’s not the accommodations. The rooms are Euro-regular, not American-grand — the Lodge’s scale has never been confused with Stein Eriksen Lodge or St. Regis Deer Valley. Nor is it the amenities. What do health clubs, swimming pools, and elegant spas have in common? You can’t find any of them at Alta Lodge. (Though ... Read more

Deep Skiing, Deeper Thinking At Summit – Powder Mountain, Utah

“Mount Millennial” – Powder Mountain, Utah Ever been hugged by a clerk while checking into a ski lodge? Me neither. ‘Til last March that is, in the Summit Powder Mountain welcome center at Powder Mountain, Utah. With yoga music sounding from discreet speakers and pitchers of cucumber water sweating in natural light, I approach the reception counter, which is in fact an antique table. That’s when Justin — a handsome young man with bright blue eyes and long blond dreadlocks, wearing a Himalayan scarf and paisley pants — stands and opens his arms wide. He gifts me a warm embrace. ... Read more

Food As Escape: Sundance Mountain Resort Dining

There are so many ways to lose yourself at Sundance: the spa, the scenery, the stories told by the fire of art and film and skiing in the shadow of Mount Timpanogos. But the best way to lose yourself may be by way of food. Like so many things, food is both art and escape at Sundance Mountain Resort. Several years ago, Chef David Mullen made his way to Utah, leaving behind the bustle of San Francisco and New York City kitchens to take a breath of fresh Wasatch mountain air. He came from Central California, where he’d been immersed ... Read more

Sundance Mountain Resort – Rip or Relax?

Four executives at Sundance Mountain Resort offer surprising insight as to how they rip — and relax — at this luxury resort in Utah’s Wasatch Range.   Skiing. Snowboarding. Winter zip lining. Sundance Mountain Resort has enough exhilarating experiences to fill a vacation with unforgettable fun. But there’s a softer side to this Utah resort: idyllic nordic trails, après-ski by the fire in the Owl Bar, an eco-spa dedicated to the healing powers of nature, views of the great Mount Timpanogos all around. For a feel for both the exhilarating and the rejuvenating, SNOW Magazine asked four of the resort’s ... Read more

The Five Senses of Sundance

Sundance Mountain Resort near Provo, Utah is home to 450 acres of alpine terrain, 45 runs, and 2,100 vertical feet. It has all essential aspects of an all-encompassing ski resort — from wide open bowls to steep chutes, groomed runs, night skiing, a terrain park, a winter zip tour, a nordic center, and even a thriving art studio. Yet Sundance offers something extra as well. Beyond its rustic yet modern slopeside lodging, fresh and hearty dining experiences, and nature-inspired eco spa, this ski resort in the Wasatch Range has an ethereal feel to it. Sundance has the uncanny ability to ... Read more

Park & Ride – Park City

Park & Ride – Park City ALL EYES ON THE NEW SCENE AT PARK CITY With a gritty mining past, Olympic legacy, and Hollywood cool, Park City — home of the Sundance Film Festival — nails the ski town trifecta. Now it can claim bragging rights to having the largest ski area in the country — and you can ski it on a single ticket. An eight-passenger gondola link called Quicksilver now joins what was formerly Canyons Resort with Park City Mountain Resort. The two ski areas combining is the crown jewel of $50 million in improvements for what is now simply called Park City. Undertaken by Vail Resorts, the ... Read more

Sundance Mountain Stories

THE SUNDANCE STORIES PT.1 Sundance Mountain Resort is a ski resort that inspires stories — of wilderness, and snow, and the Wild West, and all the ways this secluded Utah ski area has left indelible impressions on our hearts.   THE SUNDANCE STORIES PT.2 Where are your best stories told at Sundance Mountain Resort? Perhaps they’re told on the eve of a powder day, as the snow falls in flakes as fluffy as cotton, covering the pistes and Utah mountain peaks with soft, white blankets. A SKIER’S SUN DANCE – SUNDANCE STORIES PT.3 Renew and regenerate — two words that apply to a ... Read more

Pure Instinct: Cole Sport Park City

Cole Sport Park City: Gary Cole uses intuition to build a chic Park City boutique When Gary Cole opened Cole Sport in Park City, Utah in 1982, he did so on pure instinct. He and his wife, Jana, had resided in the resort town for 10 years, and as a ski instructor and realtor, this former opera singer — yes, opera singer — built a clientele of wealthy, well-dressed clients. “It occurred to me that nobody in town was doing any high-end, European-type fashion,” he says. Cole had always enjoyed shopping, liked clothes, and sensed opportunity. “It was a total seat-of-the-pants effort,” he admits. “We brought in unique quality design and built ... Read more

A Skier’s Sun Dance: Sundance Mountain Resort

Renew and regenerate — two words that apply to a week’s respite at Sundance Mountain Resort. Tucked into the shadow of Utah’s great Mount Timpanogos, Sundance is a ski resort designed to connect people with art, sport, culture, and nature.

The Sundance Stories II

Sponsored SNOW Tales told of Skiing Sundance Mountain Resort The Sundance Stories II Where are your best stories told at Sundance Mountain Resort? Perhaps they’re told on the eve of a powder day, as the snow falls in flakes as fluffy as cotton, covering the pistes and Utah mountain peaks with soft, white blankets. Skiers don’t stress about driving through storms to reach Sundance by first ride up — they’re already there, ensconced in slope side mountain suites. They sit by their stone fireplaces with mugs of mulled wine, surrounded by great friends and fine art, telling stories as the ... Read more

An Olympic Tale: Sundance Mountain Resort Film

An Olympic Tale from Sundance Mountain Resort Really great documentary style film from Sundance Mountain Resort highlighting the area and the experience. Very well produced, entertaining and informative. Much better than most ski resort info videos. If you have never been to Sundance, book a trip this winter, you’ll be glad you did! More Information An Olympic Tale shows that Sundance Mountain Resort is more than just a recreational rendezvous. It’s an open canvas waiting for your story to unfold. It’s a place to connect with nature—where what you see, smell, taste and feel is a dream being carefully nurtured. Here, you’ll ... Read more

The Sundance Stories Pt.1

Sponsored SNOW Sundance Mountain Resort is a ski resort that inspires stories — of wilderness, and snow, and the Wild West, and all the ways this secluded Utah ski area has left indelible impressions on our hearts. There’s the story told by Robert Redford — actor, director, skier, and Sundance owner — of laying eyes on Sundance for the first time. It was the 1960s, Redford was exploring the Wasatch on a ride between his home in California and Colorado where he was going to school. He crested a hill and spotted Mount Timpanogos, he said, simply, “This is the ... Read more

Echo Spur- Park City, Utah – Sustainability at its Best

Echo Spur- Park City, Utah  – Sustainability at its Best Echo Spur’s luxury home development in Park City, Utah may well be a model for ski towns around the world. Sustainable building and living needs to be new standard. This beautiful new development is right in the center of Park City’s historic district. The property features the latest solar, superinsulation, and water management strategies which support the environment and also reduce costs. These “mountain modern” homes have been recognized by the State of Utah as a viable example of the future for residential developments and they will be completed in ... Read more

St. Regis Deer Valley – Alpine Yoga

St. Regis Deer Valley – Alpine Yoga Fitness Retreats This summer the St. Regis Deer Valley hotel in Park City, UT has invited celebrity trainers and Yogis Tracie and Christopher Vlaun to teach guests this summer. Alpine Yoga Fitness Retreats were created by the team behind V Art of Wellness. They are a husband and wife team with a unique lifestyle philosophy featuring multi-modal cross training systems. This allows people of all fitness levels to focus on transformation from the inside out. The Retreats are June 24th to July 1st and July 23rd to the 26th and August 20th to ... Read more

Solitude, Utah – Lonely at the Top

Solitude, Utah – Lonely At The Top THE QUIET COUSIN TO PARK CITY’S BUSTLE, SOLITUDE IS A BIG SECRET — FOR NOW BY ROGER TOLL A decade ago, I earned my season pass to Park City Mountain Resort by skiing visitors around the slopes as a  mountain host. One of my colleagues — a gentleman who, after a Utah-style snowfall, had a hard time following the rule about staying on  groomers when in uniform — shared with me his ultimate secret to in-bounds skiing in the Wasatch Mountains. “Solitude,” he whispered to me over lunch, his lips no more than a few ... Read more