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Hugh Hefner – Skiing & Snow Bunnies

Hugh Hefner, Playboy magazine founder, bon-vivant and all-around icon, died Wednesday Sept. 27 at age 91. We at SNOW appreciate all Hef did for Skiing & Snow Bunnies the world over. Hefner died of natural causes at his Los Angeles home, surrounded by family, according to The Associated Press. His son, Cooper Hefner, chief creative officer of Playboy Enterprises, released a statement that was being shared on social media: “My father lived an exceptional and impactful life as a media and cultural pioneer and a leading voice behind some of the most significant social and cultural movements of our time ... Read more

SNOW – The Alps – 1st Edition To Launch in Europe 2017

SNOW – The Alps, A Brand New Multi-Lingual Edition to Launch December 2017 across Europe and in Russia. Winter 2017 SNOW Magazine and this winter season SNOW – The Alps will launch in Europe and in Russia. SNOW has appeared in the top resorts across North America for the last 10 winter seasons and recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary. The response from magazine distributors has been so positive that SNOW will be translated into 5 languages including English, French, German, Italian, and Russian. In addition to distribution on newsstands, SNOW can be found in the top 5 Star Hotels in the Alps, First ... Read more

Hotel Tannenhof St. Anton, Austria

Hotel Tannenhof is Europe’s smallest and most prestigious five-star superior hotel. It is one of just 20 superior hotels throughout Austria but none beat the position and exclusivity of this exquisite private property set high on the hills of Nasserein on the edge of St Anton’s main village. At 1,350 meters above sea level, Hotel Tannenhof sits within one of the most beautiful ski areas in Austria. With the aim of providing guests with absolute privacy and the highest levels of service coupled with culinary excellence and a full service holistic wellbeing Spa, Directors Judith Volker and Axel Bach welcome ... Read more

Ice, Eis, BABY – Ice Wine

Ice, Eis, BABY – Ice Wine Ice wine and eiswein from the world’s coolest regions. Made from the syrupy nectar of frozen grapes, ice wine (as it’s known in Canada) and eiswein (in Germany and Austria) shows off the sweetest side of a ski season. “There is no wine more fitting for a winter’s day than icewine,” says Katie Dickieson, winemaker at Peller Estates on the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario, Canada. Not surprisingly, chilly Canada — the Niagara Peninsula in particular — is where most of the world’s icewine is produced. To make icewine, you must have particularly favorable climatic conditions: Summers hot enough to ripen European grape varietals ... Read more

Outlander Destination Wedding in the Swiss Alps

Outlander Destination Wedding in the Swiss Alps                                                         Under a sparkling celestial canopy of  winter stars, in the moonlit shadow of a tiny white church high up in the Alps, I asked the woman I married twenty years ago if she would walk down the aisle once more and have a destination wedding in the Swiss Alps.   “Will you marry me…again?” I proposed almost as nervously as the first time.   “Yes, I’d ... Read more

‘Tis the Season – Aspen celebrity sightings pt.6

Dear Readers, sorry to say, Aspen’s celebrity sightings last infusion of Celebrity Goodness™ is a thing of the past, and we’re back to the usual post-Christmas fare of people who are famous merely for being famous, and barely even that. This week’s slim pickings so far, have been led by Bethenny Frankel, a RHONY for those of you familiar with such acronyms and also dubbed, a ‘snow bunny’ by the Daily Mail’s – remarkably, the first use of this tired old cliché this season. Here she is, being skinny and shamelessly plugging her Skinnygirl brand of cocktails for the paps ... Read more

Top 5 Austrian Wellness Spas: Innsbruck Region

After a sparkling day in the snow and sun of the glorious Alps, nothing beats warm bubbles and a pair of soft hands. Austrian wellness spa’s are among the best anywhere. Maybe the best. Here are a few of our tried and tested favorites of the Innsbruck Region. An art nouveau masterpiece dripping with history and health-giving moisture, Innsbruckers have been sweating it out here in Jugendstil splendour since the 1920s. Today, lying beneath the enchanting glass dome, amidst marble pillars and ornate stucco work, it can be tough to close your eyes. One of the most elegant Austrian wellness spa’s ... Read more

‘Tis the Season – Aspen celebrity sightings pt.4

Your local Aspen Celebrity Correspondent (little Nellie) was dismayed to read last week that there are record numbers of commercial flights coming into Aspen this Christmas, making it hard for private aircraft to find landing slots. It is clearly the case that all these tiresome planes, spewing ordinary people in their ghastly Columbia skiwear, are preventing the arrival of gloriously outfitted celebrity vacationers flying private. What else could explain the current drought of beautiful people? Thank goodness for Kate, Mariah and Heidi, our favorite locals, who, along with their families, are still soldiering on in Aspen’s celebrity trenches, popping out to ... Read more

‘Tis the Season – Aspen celebrity sightings pt.3

Readers, your local Celebrity Correspondent is depressed. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, yet Aspen’s streets might as well be those of Akron, Ohio. Well, assuming they have Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and all that in Akron, Ohio. Honestly though, the only excitement in downtown Aspen yesterday was the presence of several cute reindeer, accompanied by a very authentic-looking jolly old elf, wearing tinted glasses. And on the same street corner, a couple of very despondent members of the paparazzi, standing next to the aforementioned reindeer, brightening every time a Range Rover with tinted windows rolled past, only ... Read more

‘Tis the Season – Aspen celebrity sightings pt.2

by Little Nellie Ok, so you know times are tough, when the superstars whose lives we revere are reduced to using AirBnB for their holiday accommodation. Your local celebrity correspondent is sad to report the tawdry news that after her recent break-up with the odd-looking, but nonetheless strangely appealing billionaire James Packer, Mariah is slumming it with the online service for the holidays. Oh, silly you, of course she’s not kipping on the futon in a corner of some ski bum’s living room. Mariah’s rented digs are quite a bit nicer, and actually you can buy ‘em for $18 million. ... Read more

Top 5 Spas Austria: Ways to Wellness in the Arlberg

After a sparkling day in the snow and sun of the glorious Alps, nothing beats warm bubbles and a pair of soft hands. Austria’s wellness offerings are among the best anywhere. Maybe better. Here are a few of our tried and tested favorites.

Skiing Among the Stars – the Alps are a-twinkle with Michelin-starred restaurants

From the refined to the downright decadent, the Alps are a-twinkle with Michelin-starred restaurants. Tips down and lips poised, Leslie Woit skis straight for those Michelin stars.

‘Tis the Season – Aspen celebrity sightings

by Little Nellie ‘Tis the Season – Aspen Celebrity Sightings Aspen’s very own Local Celebrity Correspondent is twitching with excitement, awaiting the annual Christmas feast of ancient celebrities, has-beens and Mariah Carey, to grace our humble little mountain town with their glamor, plastic surgery, unnatural breasts and prehistoric movie careers. Believe it or not, this is the one week each year when Aspen almost justifies its worn-out image as the winter playground of the beautiful people. There’s definitely been some celebrity slippage. Jack Nicholson doesn’t show up any more. It’s almost 20 years since Donald Trump’s love triangle erupted in ... Read more

Gateway Canyons Resort and Spa – Discovery Channel Founder’s Luxury Resort

By Jessica Zemple Gateway Canyons Resort and Spa   Tap into your curiosity, kick-start your heart with adventure, find peace and more connection to yourself, experience the Wild West, or relax in luxury at this luxury resort. Curiosity. Adventure. Connection. Some “Wild West”…and yes, luxury. You must be near the border of Colorado and Utah where five canyons, with layers of magnificent red rock aging over 300 million years, converge to build a serene valley and where you find Gateway Canyons Resort and Spa. Each of the five canyons has a story of its own, just as the resort, #12 ... Read more

Spa Week Treatments – Alleviate Technology-Related Conditions

  Spa Week Treatments Alleviate Technology-Related Conditions Spa Week Treatments are available at their national event from April 11th-17th allows millions to experience the healing and therapeutic benefits of spa treatments for just $50 Technology gives us a wealth of opportunities to have a more comfortable life. We have become accustomed to tech indulgences such as shopping online, working on our tablets, posting to social media and binge watching Netflix anywhere. Everything we need to do or share is a call, text or post away. While all of these modern lifestyle techniques are extremely convenient, they are doing actual physical harm to ... Read more