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Heli Skiing Tips – Portillo, Chile

SNOW got a chance to ride a chairlift and chat with Portillo Instructor, Lifetime visitor and Heli Guide Carlos Liendo to get some heli skiing tips – Portillo, Chile. Having spent several years skiing the resort and now as a guide for the heli skiing operation, Carlos has the inside scoop on how to heli in Portillo. Some of his top heli skiing tips – Portillo, Chile 1.- You don’t need to book the helicopter for the day. If you are unsure if heli skiing is for you or spent too many hours in the discotheque and don’t think you ... Read more

Sandra Lahnsteiner in PURE

[one_third] Plot Summary PURE is the second “Shades of Winter” movie of Austrian freeskier and filmmaker Sandra Lahnsteiner. Sharing her plattform of “Shades of Winter” with female athletes from all over the world you can again expect high performance skiing at its best. Together with director Mario Feil and DOP Mathias Bergmann they stepped it up in every aspect of movie making. PURE will leave its footprints and get you pumped to get out in the mountains. Check it out on iTunes [/one_third]

The Best Skiing in Chile – Andean Dream

The Best Skiing in Chile – Andean Dream – Andean Dream As a ski destination Chili has it all, and now it’s getting more. By Michael Miracle “If I had to pick only one place in the world to ski, I would pick Chile.  I would give up skiing in North America for that.” These are not the words of a proud South American. The mouth hypothetically bidding adieu to an entire continent of skiing belongs to Greg Harms, an Oregon born professional ski instructor and guide who not only has sampled almost every A-list ski destination in Europe and the ... Read more

Heli Ski Chile – Third Edge Heli

Urban Escape HELI-SKI DAYS, SULTRY SANTIAGO NIGHTS By BARBARA SANDERS It’s like a James Bond dream sequence: Rise and shine in the five-star comfort of the Ritz-Carlton, the Grand Hyatt, or the swank W in Santiago, Chile. Enjoy a swim in a rooftop pool overlooking the cobbled streets, stone cathedrals, and urban skyscrapers of the Chilean capital. Then buckle up your boots and check-in with your doorman—your AStar helicopter is waiting. Within 30 minutes you’re perched at 15,000 feet, your skis ready to slip through 7,000 vert of untouched, waist-deep, dry Andean powder. This isn’t Hollywood—an urban ski escape with Third Edge Heli is the real ... Read more

An Unusual Thrill – Summer Skiing in Valle Nevado

By the SNOW Biz Edit Team There are few things more oddly exciting than summer skiing, or even better,  heli-skiing in summer. Beach, lake, sand, and ocean are benefits of the warmer months in North America for sure. But skiing 5,000 vertical of deep, untouched powder in a single run in the hot depths of summer is… well, an unusual thrill. This kind of summer heli experience is readily doable in the Southern Hemisphere, at one of Chile’s most sought-after ski resorts: Valle Nevado. From July to September, this resort in the Andes serves as a luxurious home base for ... Read more


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