Last Day of Heli Ski Camp Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Heli Ski Camp at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge
We skied a bit more after lunch and came back just in time for our last glacier ice martini and a fabulous lamb dinner. The night ended, well into the night, with a jam session between Chefy and Chris Santella. Nothing like having your own live entertainment at your remote heli/fishing lodge.
The fact that we were leaving the next day had set in and though excited to get home and see Micah and Sally, I was sad to leave my Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Family. Yes, it is a beautiful lodge in a pristine setting in the Alaskan Wilderness, but it is the people that make this place amazing. The world class guides of Greg Harms, Mike Overcast, and Tommy Moe. The best pilot I’ve ever flown with Glen Summa. The Lodge team of Bret Gilleland, Brendan Nolan, Manny Ybarra, and Emily Parker.
Bret is the lodge manager. She’s from Georgia originally, looks like a super model, takes care of every guest, and is proficient with all the firearms on the premises. A few years back there was a black bear named “Greezy” who kept coming to the lodge uninvited. Bret shot him and then with help from Google, skinned him by herself. He now makes a great throw rug and chair cover.
Brendan Nolan, aka Chefy, has been the head chef at the TML for the last 5 years, when he is not out at the lodge, he cooks privately in the top resorts around the world. Here he is in charge of keeping everyone in the lodge well fed, emphasis on the well. He and Manny, the assistant chef, go to great lengths to keep everyone happy. They learn everyone’s likes and dislikes and make sure everyone has what they desire. If you are a returning guest you can be sure that they will remember that you won’t touch Mayo with a 10 foot pole. Stephen mentioned that he liked turkey sandwiches and the next day it smelled like Thanksgiving in the morning. Chefy had cooked an entire turkey so that he would have fresh baked turkey for his sandwich. Every night there was something special from King Crab to Rack of Lamb. Guests often bring in their beverages of choice to the lodge as we did with 2 cases of Veuve Rose and 5 bottles of Macallan’s 30 year old, but Mike Overcast has an interesting and eclectic wine list to go with anything that Chefy dishes up.

Till next year TML!

Glacier Martini Team
Bret the Bearslayer