A site is born!

A site is born!
Having a child and being a mom is the most meaningful experience of my life. Maybe it sounds cheesy, but at the end of the day it is what matters.
Birthing the SNOW website didn’t take 9 months, just 5, but thank god I could drink during this “pregnancy”! I can’t begin to thank all of the people who helped support me through this process.
First I need to thank Sang T. Lee who blindly said, “I can help you get your drupal site back from Bonnier”. It took over 3 months to accomplish the task. We had smart digital folks talking to me, and then I would speak to the Bonnier lawyer, who would then in turn, talk to their digital experts. If only the digital people who all spoke “Drupal” could have spoken to each other. The information I now have in my brain about “Plists” and “Jsons” and other developer terms that they expected to have meaning for me is mind boggling. It is easier to re finance your home than to get clearance to become an Apple Developer. Once Sang’s team had what they needed, they got to work making the site function and after lots of time and money, it did just that. For those of you not familiar with Drupal, it works best when you have 50 sites all working with the same technology, data bases, when the technology and data bases get pulled out, it is less efficient. For us, putting up a new piece of content on the “new old site” seemed to require the skill of an aero space engineer. Just changing a word on the site from adventure to heli skiing, sent it floating around in cyberspace.
Enter my new team who I am also deeply indebted to. A Squared in Aspen came into my life as if with divine intervention. Their support, intelligence, passion, and talent allowed me to “birth” the site you are now looking at. My thanks to Julius, Alana, and Chris go beyond just a job well done. Their caring and passion for what I am overly passionate about made all the difference. Pregnant now for the third time, hormones running rampant, we went through the good, the bad, the mood swings till we finally said, let’s launch it. We are ready and have a product we are proud of and that reflects the SNOW brand.
This is only the beginning, but we hope you like it and would love any and all feedback. Keep an eye on the site, our social channels, and our upcoming NY event. We have more mountains to move in search of excellence in SNOW.

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